And here we present our second installment of Naruto vs Sasuke. I give you The Cola Wars. We’re too new to have a thing, but this may end up as a "thing" because I do luvs me some Naruto jokes… This joke is entirely Brittany’s doing. I hadn’t given her a script yet, so she simply supplied the joke. I strongly encourage you to hit the vote button below as, after voting, you will see Brit’s original sketch…which she did with her thumb…on the laptop’s mousepad! The girl has mad skills…weird, but mad. Now why she would sketch it out on the track pad rather than using her perfectly good wacom tablet, I’ll never know…but well done, none the less!

This is likely our last single-panel strip for a while. I do enjoy the one panel comics, of course, but I’m generally more comfortable with a more panels to do things.