So…Mama Mia…what can I say? I could go on about the somewhat odd choice of having Pierce Brosnan sing something other than a soft irish folk tune…that seems to be one of the major complaints floating about the net…but no…I can let that go.

I could talk about Meryl Streep’s singing, but it really wasn’t bad…I knew what her voice was like going in thanks to Prairie Home Companion, and as far as she goes, it’s fine. I could get snarky and mention that Ms. Streep really can’t pull off overalls, but we’ll let that go.

No…I think the important question here is who choreographed the bloody dancing?!? For the most part, it shouldn’t even be called dancing…it was mostly Ms. Streep jumping, bouncing, rolling…and…I don’t know…can’t even describe it…but it was wrong…very, very wrong. Perhaps she’s not a nice person on the set, and the choreographer set out to punish her for something…perhaps she’s a bad dancer…maybe, just maybe this was some sort of intricate display of modern dance, lack of sophistication was unable to perceive the deeper meaning (perhaps she was writhing for the environment?!?!), but it was wrong.

Also, the daughter is twenty years old and getting married. She’s not in college and has grown up on a semi-isolated greek island. Why are her best friends an irish girl and an american?!? Since she’s living on the island, she clearly didn’t meet them in college, and since they were boated in in the opening scene of the movie, they clearly don’t live there. Shouldn’t her best buds be a couple of local greek gals rather than some pen pals?!?

Weird movie…Colin Firth was good though…