It is, perhaps, a reflection of modern life that it strikes me as so odd that the Church is giving us "permission" to believe in aliens. Belief systems and dogmatic law are, of course, the churches stock in trade, but outside from spiritual matters, it seems odd to here the church dictating what is and is not. Certainly, this was normal in days gone by, but now it conflicts with modern sensibilities.

Full disclosure. I am not a Catholic. I almost was, though. I was going through conversion classes (yes, there was a girl involved), but in the end I bowed out as I could not disagree more with the concept of a closed communion. My friend Topheles and I have debated this point on several occasions. As church experiences go, however, I love the Catholic mass. I like the traditions and ceremonies…and I really like taking renegade communion. I remember when I used to spend a lot of time in France, that I would always head up to the basilica for Mass. I loved hearing the mass in French and picking my way through the homily.

As per aliens, I like the idea that there is someone else out there, but even if there is, unless we manage to overcome the speed of light, it won’t make any difference. They are simply too far away. But hey, maybe we’ll learn to bend space or construct wormholes. Wouldn’t that be cool. Too much to think about today though. Instead, why not enjoy this classic Tom Lehrer ditty,