It may just be me, but the concept of the stress test has always amused me.

"We suspect you may have heart problems. Do me a favor and run until you collapse."

To be fair, if you arrive at the doctor in elephantine form or complaining of frequent chest pains without actually presenting symptoms, there are really only two options:

  • Strap a portable heart monitor to you for several days and hope for an attack, or
  • force the issue with a stress test and hope that your not distracted at the critical moment.

Modern medicine. Such fun!

As a registered Republican, I must continue to laugh at the ongoing Democratic antics. That election should be a shoe-in…even I’m planning to vote for Obama if given the chance, but these wacky dems seem bound and determined to elect McCain. Strange world…strange world…

We’re actually trying something new with the art here at Slightly Off-Topic. A six-panel is a tough day to start trying something new, though. I’m afraid my inking made Brit’s image a bit cluttered, but practice, practice, practice.