I really would have never expected it. My plan was to take Brittany to see the movie and then enjoy gloating about how good Iron Man was, but how bad Speed Racer was. I mean, how could it be good? Beloved childhood cartoon transformed into live action film with an ungodly special effects budget and a monkey. How could that be good?!?

It just really, really was.

Now, in the long run, I’m sure Iron Man will have more staying power. It has things like character development and unexpected plot points. However, if you are just looking to have a really good time watching a fun movie, Speed Racer delivers. It never takes itself seriously, and that really makes a difference when dealing with fight scenes, monkeys and cooties! It’s not canon, but there are plenty of treats for the old school fan. Now I don’t want to give out any real spoilers, but:

  • Stephen Colbert fans will enjoy seeing Korean popstar Rain getting the bajingo beaten out of him early in the film.
  • Trixie gets just a bit cooler than she ever was in the cartoon.
  • They’re not really twins.

Now go. Buy some popcorn and see the movie, but I warn you. Two out of three of the people I spoke to who’d seen the film in IMAX vomited during the first half hour. As an indication of how fun the movie is, however, they all stayed…