Back when I was going through classes to convert to Catholicism (No, Mom…I never did convert, but that’s another story), I remember the surprise I felt when being told that Easter is the holiest day of the year. Perhaps, it’s a Methodist thing or perhaps I’d seen Mr. and Mrs. Kringle choose Christmas as their wedding night one too many times, but I’d honestly never thought of it that way.

In balance, I suppose it makes sense.

Savior born? Good.

Savior rises from the grave to redeem all humanity? REAL GOOD!!!

In any case, since that day Easter has taken on a slightly more important place in my life. It’s no longer Religious Holiday #5 (A little bit of Jesus in my life, a little bitter of Peter full of strife…), but a genuine day of celebration. Happy Easter everyone. Give those around you a big hug, and remember those who are no longer with you!

Oh…a bit of business before I go, you may have noticed that I’ve added voting buttons for TopWebComics and Buzzcomix to the site (or below this if you are reading the livejournal or theadamsclan mirrors of the comic). These are two of the better known webcomic portals and by voting for Slightly Off-Topic, we become better placed on their Toplists which amounts to free advertising for the site. I’d appreciate it if you’d vote for the comic if you like it. You can vote at both sites once per day per ip address, so while some folks have offered to sit there and hit the vote button, it’s not necessary. Just whenever you visit the site. As an incentive, once you’ve voted, you be able to see the original sketch that Brittany made from my script. Thanks and once again, Happy Easter.