My apologies. It appears someone hasn’t been sending the scripts to the artist for the last week, so I just had to “wing” this one. Rest assured that Brittany is already at work on the next ones, so you only have to deal with my “inking” and not my drawing.

In any case, Tim had warned me to expect a Turbo-prop on a direct flight from Detroit to Champaign. I knew that was the going to be the case, but some part of me held out hope for something better. When I arrived at the airport, however, all hopes were dashed as I peered out the window at a teeny-tiny, itsy-bitsy, small, little planelette. Nervously, I handed my boarding pass to the attendant and stepped onto the walkway. Once inside, it was necessary to bow one’s head to walk the aisle. Apparently, this particular plane was originally designed for hobbits.

I was actually surprised when the plane took off as it wasn’t too bumpy, but the pilot soon announced over the loudspeaker that we were about to hit “the weather” and we should expect some turbulence as the crosswinds were clocking in at 60 miles per hour.

Some Turbulence. Let’s just say that that was a mild understatement of the situation. I’m pretty sure we all got to experience zero G at a few points and are now qualified for a shuttle trip!