…and FTP access is restored! As such, we can finally post today’s comic!

I have to admit, as internet fads go, saccharin-sweet pictures of cats with poor grammar has always left me a bit cold. But that’s okay…you can’t be impressed by every fad on the internet…no one has enough tumors for that!

I officially feel bad for this particular strip…the timing of it anyway…as soon as I passed the script to Brittany to sketch, I checked my Livejournal account, and sure enough, someone had just LoL’d all over my friends list. Not to worry though as this person is not insane. My rant is not directed at those who make the occasional LOL joke. Properly delivered and stripped of those god-awful cat pics, it can prove quite entertaining. No, my rant is directed at those who have made LOL-ism the new leet-speak. It’s not funny. It is annoying. Please, please stop and let September end.

It’s also directed here. Don’t get me wrong. Scott and P-V-P are fantabulous, but for this sin, there can be no excuse… I am mentally flogging him as we speak… You’re better than that Scott. This is one internet phenomenon that must be allowed to die!