We interrupt the regularly scheduled comic to bring you a transcript from my evening last night. Not to worry, the intended comic has a campfire in it and is, therefore, much better suited to the upcoming holiday weekend.

In any case, for those of you who were not involved in last nights oddly horizontal (both in rain and radar) storms last evening, let me just say they were most entertaining. I loved the way the wind would bend the trees so that the tops could actually touch the ground…most impressive. My favorite part, though, was after 20 minutes of gale-force winds from the west, it opted to change things up and followed with gale-force winds from the east! I guess the storm couldn’t decide if it was coming or going!

I think it’s important to repeat that this is a transcript, Laurie did nag me about shutting down the computer for a good ten minutes. I was just starting to snap that she should quit nagging when >BWOOP< there goes the power. Happily, the only thing damaged was my pride…

For the detail-oriented, yes that is an Ardra poster in the background. This should be considered a nod to a comic I love and not at all the beginning of a subtle form of mind warfare where I gently coax the Ardra team to come to Penguicon and speak on a few panels. (or is it?).