I know, I know…there are a number of simple solutions:

  1. Watch the missing episode on a laptop – Fair enough, but I don’t really care for watching TV on the laptop. I want my big screen, and I want my stereo.
  2. Buy the episode on iTunes and stream it to your TV – I don’t pay for TV episodes…paying the cable bill is bad enough.
  3. Bittorrent is your friend – Yes, yes it is, and I’m sure that this is what I’ll end up doing for the missing episode of Moonlight. Both the 360 and the PS3 support Divx/Xvid, so this is a workable solution…not as simple, but workable.

The question I have, of course, is why on God’s Green Earth, is every TV episode viewing site built on a farking flash interface? Plenty of other technologies out that that would work as well if not better. Lord knows the world won’t end if I can stream a few reruns to my TV.

Ah well, I’m mostly annoyed because I was counting on this to be able to view The Mercer Report and Strombo. When I dropped Comcast for Uverse, I was mightily pleased because Comcast is, after all, the devil. However, I was saddened to learn that the CBC is not currently available. I. Love. The. CBC. It has some of the best comedy and is really my only source for curling. I can, of course, watch much of this on the computer, but as I said, I don’t like watching TV on the computer, and there’s not a lot of torrents floating around of this stuff. AT&T says that the CBC is coming, but I won’t last too much longer…I may have to move across the river…