The way things are going, they’re going to make me turn in my party registration card. In any case, I’m not really picking on the republicans, but rather am rattling the cages of the Tin Foil Hat crowd.

Then again, the fact that such an idea can be contemplated…taken seriously, even for a moment… is a sad sign of where we’re headed as a society. We, the people, need to stop waiting to see what’s going to hit the fan next and learn to aspire again. We need leaders that can inspire us to our best, not instill fear of the worst… We need to stand up, reclaim our ideals and be the America that we’ve always meant to be.

Or something like that anyway…my original idea for today’s comic was a play on the Tony awards and the tomato scare…imagine the cast of South Pacific launching into an exciting rendition of Salmonella Evenings (if you ate the salad) or I’m Gonna Wash this Puke Right Outta My Hair…so I may not be the one to talk of our better aspirations!