I’m just saying…

I have mentioned before that I believed that regardless who was nominated the country was going to vote "Not Republican" this year. In fact, I said that the only way the Republicans could even have a chance was if Hillary won the nomination as she is an incredibly divisive individual. However, as the Hillary and Obama camps continue to snipe at each other and the party insists on the importance of super-delegates, I’ve begun to note an interesting phenomenon. Life-long Democrats are beginning to take a closer look at John McCain.


Now, don’t get me wrong. If McCain would stop pandering and rediscover his core beliefs, he’s not actually a bad option, but as it is, his platform seems to be "My party is squarely behind me, and I plan to continue blowing up any country that annoys me!" Oh Goody!

Regardless, I offer the following advice to the Democratic Party. Work this out, and work it out NOW! If you wait for the end of the primary cycles this summer only to resort to a super-delegate appointment of nomination, you are going to lose a LOT of the people’s support.

Now, I am a small ‘r’ republican (see the sweater above) which means I’ve never let party affiliation prevent me for voting for the the person I considered the best fit for the position. I have just, historically, aligned myself more with the ideals of the ‘pubs more than the ‘dems…you know…self-reliance, small government, the american dream, etc. However, the current crop of republican leaders seem to have forgotten these ideals… I didn’t think I’d have to put much thought into my presidential ballot this year, but it looks like if things don’t change, the choice will not be as clear cut as I hoped.

Take it all with a grain of salt, of course.