Sadly this is only a mild exaggeration. I was walking between labs on campus when I felt the pants slip and go down. Happily there weren’t too many people and none I knew personally. It was outside so I was wearing my winter coat which is longish…goes down to mid-thigh, so it’s not like my tighty-whiteys were on display for God and country, but there is no way to grab your pants up and walk away gracefully…

Dieting has been on my mind a lot lately. I’m quite good at dieting. Most fat folk are. We know all about the nutritional values of food. What’s a good choice;what’s a bad choice. There is a tendency, however, to reach a point where you don’t care anymore…it seems to me that that is the main struggle in dieting.

I have been told all my life that I was overweight, so I really didn’t worry about it when I started to gain weight. That was simply the way I was. However, upon reflection, those comments were almost certainly untrue:

Picture of me not being fat

So is it the fault of those that told me for all those years that I was too heavy? Certainly not. I’m the one who put burger to mouth and cheese to fries. I chose not to care, and I have the waistline to prove it:

Me looking quite the tub of lard...

This picture is about a year old, and I’ve walked over 700 miles since then, so I’m not quite that bad, but still fat. I’ve been dropping weight. The pants mentioned above which decided to take a spontaneous trip to my ankles were already two sizes smaller than my previous trousers, so things are going well enough, but I find I’ve reached that point where my motivation has run its course. Usually this is the point where I just chuck it all and watch my weight cruise back up, but I think I’d rather not. I’ve come to the not-too-startling realization that being fat sucks! How to relight the fire of motivation then? A livejournaller I read has been speaking a lot about her success with the Beck Diet Solution. I don’t know how much any diet book will be able to teach me, but this book promises to teach one to alter the way they think about eating, so perhaps it will work and get me fired up. In any case, I respect mezzolibra’s opinion enough to have already ordered the book. If it ever arrives, I’ll let you know how things are going.