I don’t really care for football, but I can tailgate with the best of them! The only football game I pay any attention to is the annual trouncing of the Indiana Hoosiers by the Purdue Boilermakers (okay, they don’t always win, but they generally do). I’ve already purchased our tickets for the game this year, so I’ll be happy to meet with all our fans after the game. Arni’s, perhaps? Pizza’s on me.

Anyway, as I say, I don’t really care for football, but I *do* enjoy watching rugby quite a bit. This makes sense as my other favorite sports, as I’ve mentioned, include cycling and curling, so I’m sequestered comfortably off of the mainstream. Rugby, however, is just a better game. I mean they have a special hat, the Scrum Cap, that’s meant to hold your head together after serious injury so that you can continue to play. That, my friends, is a real game!