I have long ago come to terms with the fact that I am NOT your proto-typical American male sports fan. Aside from the occasional purdue game, I really have no use for football, basketball, tennis or golf. No my favorite sports are rugby, curling and cycling. It is, of course, important to note that cycling holds the primacy in my sporting heart so Tour de France time is a holiday season in the Adams household.

I don’t care if the town is being evacuated. We do not miss the Tour de France. Period.

I do hope you are taking the time to watch at least some of the Tour de France coverage (on Versus for those of you in the States). If you haven’t why not take a little time and check out today’s stage? It is the first real mountain stage and promises to exciting. At the very least, those of you who doubt the athleticism of professional cyclists will probably change your mind after seeing these guys haul their way through the Pyrenees.

Exciting as the Tour is, however, I am starting to feel a bit guilty about sitting on my arse for three hours a day watching the daily stages. After three weeks, that’s bound to add a bit of girth to my waistline, so my goal today is, in fact, to move the trainer in front of the basement TV so that I can watch the tour while getting a workout. Even if I’m just doing easy spins, it has to be better than just sitting there, right?!?

Incidentally, the CC-licensed tour picture on the fourth panel’s TV is provided by Oliver Regelmann. Bonus prize to the person who can identify the person in the fourth panel’s poster.