This is not the comic that was supposed to run today, but when I saw the morning’s news, I couldn’t resist. I should probably point out that I’m not actually against Walmart having decided to pull the comic. Rather I am amazed at the decision making/lack of common sense that put the book on the store shelves in the first place. Most people would be able to tell after a single glance that this would not fly in this country.

The most amusing part of the ABC report on this story (via yahoo news) was when the representative of the Mexican publisher stated that he didn’t know what the problem was because the main character is meant to be a Cuban.

Here’s a few helpful tips for the friendly buyers over at Walmart.

  1. The world has not always been the friendly, unprejudiced place it is today.
  2. Pop culture items have always been the receptacle for the best and the worst amongst any society.
  3. What may seem appropriate in one country may not be considered “mainstream” in another.
  4. If you want to reprint a popular comic from 1960’s Mexico, you may actually want to look at it first!!!!

Whatever. See you on Sunday.