It’s not for naught that the say of the Midwest:

If you don’t like the weather, just wait a few minutes…it’ll change!

I remember when we left California one of my great joys was to be returning to a land of seasons. You know…seasons…three months of summer sun and sky…three months of winter ice and snow…spring’s rebirth and autumn’s slow fall into hibernation. I distinctly remember these things as a kid. What I don’t remember are seasons that last 48 hours and shift constantly.

Why complain though?!? What could be better than an eight-inch snow storm followed by a 50+ degree day to melt everything followed by rain followed by a near-instantaneous plunge into sub-zero temperatures that causes everything to be absolutely frictionless?!? Certainly makes the walk to work fun…

I don’t mind snow and ice…I really don’t…I just wish ol’ Mother Nature would stick with one theme for a bit so that we could all settle in and enjoy whatever spectacle is on hand…the constant change is just aggravating allergies and asthma. No fun…no fun….