Okay…so yes…I have a two-week buffer of regular comics, but I’m afraid I must interrupt the normal dispensation procedure to vent. The comic tells the story, but let me add a few details.

The weather has been severely crappy today. It started out with torrential rain, followed with sleet, so that by the time the very heavy, very wet snow started, there was already an inch of ice on the roads with NO SALT TRUCKS TO BE SEEN…ANYWHERE…AT ANYTIME!

As it was hella-crappy, I asked my wife to pick me up from the lab. I hiked over to the agreed upon pickup spot and when she pulled up to the curb, she asked me to check the tire wells as there seemed to be a lot of noise. I looked at the front passenger side tire. The tire I bought NEW on December 23rd. It was completely flat.


I got the jack and crawled under the van (which was nice with all the ice and snow and slush) to remove the spare…which didn’t want to come off, but *was* inflated. I then went to remove the front tire (which was fun as every time I looked under to place the jack, my glasses were so close to the snow that they fogged instantly.

It’s important to note that I can’t actually see without my glasses.

Regardless, I eventually found a good frame spot for the jack and cranked the van up. It was then that I noticed the nail fully embedded into the very edge of the tire tread. I had a very bad feeling about that.

With the teeny, tiny mini-spare on the van, we headed back onto the ice…er…road, and headed off to Firestone to get it fixed. When we got arrived, there was quite a crowd, and the guy informed me that there was no way he could get it done before tomorrow, but if the tire was off, I could leave it, and they *might* get it done faster.


I went outside and verified that the two other tire shops on the street were already closed, and grabbed the tire from the back of the van. When I handed it to the guy, I made sure that the nail was on top as I was fairly sure what he would say next.

"That can’t be repaired…but…let me see…good, we do have the tire in stock. That’ll be $150, and we can put it on if you bring the van back tomorrow at noon."


So, off we head in the van with the teeny, tiny mini-spare spare to home. Net time from work to home: three friggin’ hours!!!!!! I live five miles from work!

I’m going to bed.