Special thanks to Zed the zombie of Ted & Zed fame for stopping by the Studio today. For those that have never been, Ted and Zed is my all-time favorite Zombie comic. Sure, he’s a Zombie, but that doesn’t mean he can’t have a bosom buddy, right. I highly recommend you all stop by for a dig through the archive.

So, I know what you’re all thinking. "Dave, why is the News Guy a Zombie?!?" Well, he’s crossed over to the dark side in honor of the coolest freakin’ piece of fan art I’ve ever received. I opened the mail box the other day to find a note:

It occurs to me that we haven’t seen much of our friendly neighborhood News Guy in a while. And how much do we really know about how and where he spent his recent sabbatical. A lot can happen down the Rabbit Hole…

Happy Birthday! Of course, it isn’t enough to make the News Guy or a Zombie – It has to be the News Guy Zombie.

Accompanying the note:

BRAAAIIIINNNSSSS are required to deliver the news.

Check out my headset

How cool is that? Now, full disclosure… I’ve known the sender for years, so it’s more a "friend" art than a "fan" art, but I like it either way!!!

Of course, this leaves the News Guy is in a bit of a pickle…