And thus, with a double-sized episode, we end our foray into storytelling! It’s actually been an interesting exercise. Sure this all started because I wanted to show off a spectacular piece of fan art, but I’ve learned a few things along the way…

  1. I enjoy telling stories. I enjoy an endless series of one-off gags as well, but I find that I do enjoy trying to spin a narrative, and you may see one crop up from time to time.
  2. I am WAY too influenced by Kevin Smith. Not in the potty humor sense, but rather than when I tell a story, I don’t focus much on action, but rather on dialogue. In fact I really seem to enjoy what would otherwise be a very simple course of action and breaking down each perceptible facet of that action and making it its own episode. The original concept of this storyline stretched on for the rest of the month in just this manner. However…
  3. …if I’m going to put effort into telling a story, I’d really rather not expend that effort on a storyline that relies too heavily on the classic crutches of the webcomic world. I mean, I don’t mind breaking the fourth wall or doing a retcon parody, but these are things that tend to annoy the readers and fellow creators and are best saved for a one-off gag.
  4. I really need to learn to draw people better.
  5. I really, really need to learn to draw people better!

Okay, so the News Guy is healthy, and everything is right with the world. Just one more thing before I go, though. For those of you participating in the laptop bag contest, let me drop a little daily wisdom on you. The code is there. It really is, you just have to look everywhere for it. Otherwise, it might get swept up in the details.