Why Lego? We’re just doing our part to help you all relax! Actually, today’s comic was inspired by the fact that Gamestop (and EBGames, Babbages and whatever other chain they’ve bought out) has the surprisingly entertaining Lego Batman on sale for any platform for $19.99 (new). All things considered, this is a tremendously good deal. They were out of the PC version when I went (we actually have three stores in town, but I only went to one), so I bought it for the 360. It’s a lot of fun… much better than Lego Indy. Of course, I don’t know how it will compare to Lego Rock Band… only time will tell.

Speaking of Rock Band, I picked up the PSP version. Headphones are a must, and I’m thinking I will have to install the hack to let me play it as an iso to run it from a memory stick (and save the poor battery), but it’s much better than I suspected as well. All in all, a good gaming weekend.

Now, where is that Sunday clue?  I have looked all over the house.