ALWAYS SAVE YOUR WORK!!!  I was almost finished with this when DTE was kind enough to kill the power, and guess who wasn’t saving their work?!?  Bad, bad me.

This seems to be a theme with me lately, as I was working on the code for the store last night, and was moving everything in to sections that made more sense with the code, and I managed to delete EVERYTHING.  (Did I mention that you should always save your work?).  I then started reuploading images, and creating products only to realize at the end that I had uploaded the low res images instead of the proper ones, so once again, I got to delete everything (though on purpose that time).  I then started uploading the proper images, but only have four of them associated with products (it’s amazingly time consuming when you are starting from scratch).  I will continue to assign the images you can’t see to products over the next day or two.

In the mean time, however, you can pop over to the store and have a look.  The current designs are just the first four on the list of image, and aren’t truly representative of the store as a whole (though they are very representative of my daughter’s current Hetalia obsession), but I had to start rebuilding somewhere.  It’s set up, so you can click on an image to see what products are associated with them.  Printfection has a tremendous amount of shirt styles available, and I’ve activated most of them for each design (because how do I know what people like to wear).  I’ve done a number of Printfection shirts, and the quality is always good.  The dark shirts are a bit expensive, though.  I may look for an alternate vendor for dark-specific designs.  (Contest winners: if you see a design pop up over the next day or two that you like, let me know, and I’ll get it sent to you.)