Stupid thumb drive.  Oh well, today’s was easy enough to redraw…  I assume his eyes don’t look too close together now?

I’m currently enjoying the sights and sounds of Chicago, and it reaffirms my belief that to live in a city, you have to really, really love petrol fumes… and sewer smells… and some really malodiferous folk…

…on the other hand, every so often you turn a corner out of a tangled mass of humanity, and you find yourself in a quiet little alcove with a few trees and a few bushes and it’s… nice.  You can relax.  Slow down, and breathe the diesel fumes.

I did get to meet up with my old friends John and Wes which was a perk, did about 4.5 hours of just walking about before the huge freakin’ storm rolled it, so it was a good day.  Today… I’m feeling touristy and may hit the Art Institute….